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Jr Rams Golf

Jr Rams Golf welcomes Boys & Girls ages 7-13


Lead by PGA Certified Instructors JR Reyes & Jared Higbee


COST  $300

Includes 5 Team Events at different courses

NJTM Golf Membership

PGA Certified instructors

Individual Training Plans

5 Private One-on-one 45 Minute Lessons (sibling lessons available)

Access to state-of the-art golf facilities for team activities including golf courses, driving ranges, putting greens, and chipping greens.

Rides available from drop off and pick up point (Ralston Arena) to course (after waiver is signed in Team Van)

Shoreline is free for all "Team Golf" players weekdays all day and weekends after 2pm.  (Adults playing with are $15 & $15 for cart rental.)  

Team Golfers will be registered as NE Junior Golfers and will be able to play at $5 at all NE Public Courses

Junior Sets of Golf Clubs available at no additional charge for all practices, scrimmages, and games.

Shoreline's Ralston Jr. Rams Team Golf Program encompasses three core philosophies: Physical, Emotional and Social aspects of the game of golf, with the incorporation of subset values, including integrity, sportsmanship, respect, discipline, perseverance, courtesy and solid
decision making. It is the program’s goal to encourage players to grow into confident and successful young men and women.
The team will be run by Golf Pro JR Reyes and Jared Higbee. With two PGA instructors, we hope to better develop our youth golfers with more individual time spent with each junior.

We will have 5 team events; each event will be at a different course. The team’s performance (based on total team points of the 5 events) will determine if we participate in the playoffs.

If you have any questions, please contact JR Reyes at (402) 213-5067


is postponed!  Stay tuned!

at Shoreline Golf Course

210 Locust Street

Carter Lake, IA 51510



Shoreline Golf Course

210 Locust Street 

Carter Lake, IA 51510



May 22nd - 3-5pm

May 29th - 3-5pm


Mandatory Scrimmages: (11am - 1pm)








Game Schedule:

June 2 (Pacific Springs) @ 1PM

June10 (Miracle Hill) @ 1PM

June 16 (Players Club) @ 11AM

June 17 (Tara Hills) @ 8AM

June 24 (The Knolls) @ 8AM

July 2 (Shoreline GC) @ 8AM

July 9 (Eagle Run) @ 11AM

July 16 (Field Club) @ 11AM

July 20 (Warren Swiggart) @ 11AM

July 30 (Playoffs) TBD

Aug 4 (Playoffs) TBD

Aug 7 (Championship) TBD


  • 6 Players per team 

  • 2 -Person scramble format

  • All events are 9 holes with modified yardages

  • 8-stroke limit on all holes

In a two-person scramble, each player tees off on each hole. The best of the tee shots is selected and all players play their second shots from that spot. The better of the second shots is determined, and then all play their third shots from that spot, and so on until the ball is holed.  The team with the lowest score on the hole wins the hole in this match play format. 

Players may have one caddie to carry their bag, equipment, and give advice, but all players and caddies must walk the golf course (preferably a fellow team member or friend).  Caddies can carry two bags for both members of a pairing or no bags and simply provide advice. Participants and their equipment cannot be transported in motorized carts, except when going to their first hole, during a golfer’s hole not playing, returning from the last hole played, running a substitute to a hole, or when authorized by NJGT Committee. 

In addition to caddies, all pairings are allowed coaches to provide advice during the round.  Participants must exchange scorecards with fellow competitors / team in the group. 

Upon completion of the round, players must immediately proceed to the scoring area to return their score card. Participants are responsible only for the correct hole-by-hole score and two signatures on the scorecard. 


  • Players are expected to treat fellow teammates and coaches with respect 

  • Players are expected to listen attentively in lessons and during practice 

  • Players are expected to take care of our and other facilities practice areas and golf course. We can do this by raking bunkers, fixing divots, repairing ball marks, picking up trash, return unused practice balls/baskets and always saying thank you to host facility operators. 

  • Players are expected, at all times, to be mindful of etiquette with their playing partners and be mindful of the pace of play (9 holes in two hours or less). 

  • Players are expected, at all times, to remember that they not only represent themselves, but also their families, Shoreline Rams and Shoreline Golf Club. Players should always strive to do their very best – in performance and in behavior.


Spectators are encouraged to attend TEAM GOLF Tournaments. We want to create a family friendly atmosphere that encourages fun and togetherness. However, the NJGT requires all spectators to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. 

  • Consumption of alcohol is forbidden at all events. 

  • Spectators should stay one shot ahead of the group they are following. This allows spectators to follow errant shots and help identify where golf balls come to rest. 

  • Spectators are allowed to aid in the search for lost golf balls.

  • Spectators should not give rulings, please seek a coach or NJGT official if the need arises.

  • Spectators should stay on cart paths. In the absence of cart paths, spectators should stay in the rough. Please stay off fairways, tees and greens.

  • Spectators are allowed to carry medicine, drinks, food, umbrellas, etc. for players. 

  • Spectators may not fall behind group as this prohibits other groups from playing