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2020/2021 Select Boys Basketball Tryouts

Tryouts will be held on March 10th & 11th from 6:30-8pm in the Ralston Middle School's lower gym.

Please bring a basketball, water bottle, and a parent for paperwork!

2020 Tackle Football & Cheer Registration is open NOW!

For details and registration for Tackle Football, click here

For details and registration for Football Cheer, click here

2020 Football Cheer Registration is Now Open!

2020 Jr Rams Football Cheer sign ups now OPEN!

For all details, click here

Ralston Youth Sports

Why are you signing up your child to play basketball, football, and cheer?  Do you have hopes of raising an NBA, UCA, or NFL star?  (If you’re realistic, probably not.) Do you need one more thing for your family to do so you don’t get bored?  (I highly doubt that!)  Are you hoping for a college scholarship to make up for your lack of educational savings?  (I might say yes to that one.) 

If you’re like most parents, you want your child to experience new things, help them find their strengths and learn life skills through their involvement in athletics.  There is a common assumption that sport teaches character.  If that’s true, we should find the most virtuous in society among our professional athletes.  There are many athletes who are amazing role models, but there are plenty whose lack of good character is equally astounding.  The truth is that participation in sports will reveal character.  In sports, coaches teach character (in partnership with parents) and participation in sports creates multiple opportunities for that character to be refined.  Positive character will only take place through sports if it is an intentional aspect of the coaching plan.

That is why Bo & Sarah started SCORE 4 Sports.  Now known as Ralston Youth Sports! Our goal is help kids become leaders through positive character coaching. 

We want to teach kids to lead by example: treating others with kindness, excelling in school, refraining from alcohol and drugs, treating others respect, refraining from dirty language, and displaying a positive attitude.  

Bullying Policy

Score 4 Sports aka Ralston Youth Sports has a zero tolerance policy for Bullying. 

We will remove any person verbally or physically abuses another player, coaches, referee, or volunteer from the program effective immediately.  The player will not receive a refund of any sort.  All gear or property of Ralston Youth Sports will need to be returned within 2 weeks of the offense. 

Examples such as tackling during football practice when it is time to tackle, does not mean the player was bullying.  Passing a basketball to a teammate during a basketball game or practice that accidentally hits the receiving player or a player that gets in the way of a pass, does not mean the player was bullying.  Each case will be considered unique and will be reviewed by the Ralston Youth Sports Board. 

Contact Us

Contact Us

Ralston Youth Sports

Phone: 609-351-1970

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